Craig Wood Clarity Group, Founder & CEO Washington, D.C.

"I have had the privilege of working with Silke for over 20 years and there’s no one better in the business. She has been my business travel partner at four different companies and has always provided impeccable service to me and my team."

Mihali Stavlas CEO, Mellonaid Raleigh, NC

" Working with Silke and her team has been an amazing experience. I no longer think about the logistics of my travels. I still remember the time I was stuck in Dallas and no one was getting out, but Silke found a way to get me home to my family that night. Everyone needs a "Silke” when travels plans hit an unexpected turn for the worst."

Stan Phelps Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator, Purple Goldfish Raleigh, NC

"Silke is a pleasure to work with. Always responsive and helpful in finding the best travel options. She is my secret weapon."

Karl Sakas President, Sakas & Company Raleigh, NC

"As a business owner who used to book everything myself, I’m a convert—travel agent Silke Eze is my secret weapon for eliminating travel-related stress. Airlines don’t really care about you as a person, but Silke does—and she brings her industry connections and 25+ years of experience to make your life easier. If a problem comes up enroute, I text Silke and she fixes it. If you travel more than a few times a year, start booking everything through Silke so you can focus on what you and your company do best."

William Spruill Co- Founder, Global Data Consortium Raliegh, NC

"In a world where travel options have become abundant but also confusing, I have found that the personal care and trusted service provided by Silke at Eze2travel to have been the best investment I’ve made. She’s been my travel professional for the past 10 years and she has saved me money, time and hassle when navigating global travel requirements."

Evan Caroll Evan Carroll and Associates, President Raleigh, NC

"Delays, cancellations, and missed connections are the new normal for air travel, but Silke Eze of Eze2Travel is my secret weapon. As a professional speaker, not arriving at my destination often means not getting paid. With Silke in my corner, I’ve never missed an event. To the airlines, you’re just a number, but to Silke, you feel like her top priority. I’ve recommended Silke to numerous professionals in the past and will continue to do so."

Marc A. Kramer Founder, AVC Partners Mamaroneck, NY

"We have used Silke Eze for both business and personal travel purposes and have found her dedication, attention to detail and personal engagement to ensure our expectations are met or exceeded to be unparalleled in travel services."

Bridget Wood Office Manager & Executive Assistant, Kantar Futures London, UK

"There are travel agents and there is Silke’s Eze2Travel. Silke is just what you want when booking travel - she is with you every step of the way and has thought through the best deals she can find for you. Nothing is too much trouble, and she cares about all her clients. "

Mary Ellen & Jim Cain Leisure Travelers Raleigh, NC

We have been working with Silke on 90% of our travels for at least 15 years. Our experience with Silke, she has been polite, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, flexible, always looking to combine cost and convenience."

J. Walker Smith Chief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Consulting Atlanta, GA

"I have worked with Silke for nearly 20 years and I can say without hesitation that she is the best in the business. She is diligent about all the important stuff from best fares to best connections to best seats. But most importantly, she is always available when travel difficulties occur or when last-minute changes affect my schedule. She is ready and happy to jump in whenever I need help or advice. She plans all of my business travel as well as leisure travel for me and my wife. I have recommended her very highly to several colleagues and friends, and to a person they feel the same way I do. Silke is outstanding and a true partner for me."

Florence Lee Business Development Associate, 360 Live Media Washington, D.C.

"Silke has been a tremendous help in arranging all the travel I’ve coordinated since I started working with her. She’s always available, prompt and willing to help with all of our needs, and I appreciate her thoughtfulness and care!"

Karen Albritton Partner, Newport Board Group LLC Raleigh, NC

"There’s no one I’d recommend more highly than Silke Eze. I rely on her for business and personal travel. I can’t count the number of times she’s helped me get where I needed to be when weather, cancellations, client changes, etc. wreaked havoc with my travel plans.And for personal travel, she always seems to find the perfect spot for us, often at a better deal or with extra perks than we would find on our own. I can tell she has great relationships with properties based on the way I’m treated when I stay at a place she recommends. All this, and she’s a delightful person too."

Natalia Rosenberg Head of Strategy, UMA Newyork, NY

"Silke is one of the best, most competent and thorough travel professionals one can rely on. I have trusted her wisdom and expertise for over ten years, for both corporate and personal travel needs. When working with my corporate clients, Silke was always able to accommodate any parameters, meet the clients' budgets and come up with truly creative itineraries for multiple legs of difficult, often international, projects. For my family, she is a trusted advisor and a wise friend. She has researched and planned multiple family retreats and vacations (sometime for fairly large groups). Over these past years, Silke had found incredible deals and identified a number of beautiful hotels and resorts around the world we keep coming back to but would not have otherwise known about. We will never forget the beautiful vacations not only all around the United States but also in Greece, The UK, Spain, Croatia and Montenegro, the French Polynesia, the Caribbean - and the list will go on. I have recommended Silke and Eze2Travel to a lot of business associates and personal friends and will to do so again in a heartbeat!"

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